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Hypnosis FAQs

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be considered a form of attentive, receptive, highly focused or intense concentration where external or peripheral events fade into the background or are disregarded. The application of communication and influence reduces or redirects the attention of the logical conscious processes so that the subconscious is directly contactable and responsive to suggestions with deliberation or reflection. This hypnotic state may be used for pleasure, entertainment, such as stage hypnosis, or for therapeutic purposes thus enabling the client to address emotional problems and body functions. 

What is hypnosis like?

Some people consider hypnosis feels like daydreaming, a relaxed concentration where the body relaxes as does the conscious part of the mind. For many people, being in hypnosis does not seem too much different to how they feel at other times, whether physically or mentally.

How do I know I was hypnotised?

A good way of knowing is from the outcomes achieved.

Can I get stuck in a trance?

No. If your hypnotist stopped talking to you then after a while you would either drift off to sleep and then wake up naturally, or just open your eyes to find out what is going on.

Will I say or do anything embarrassing?

No. You are in the same control of what you say and what you do as you are normally.